T E S T I M O N I A L S:


"The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both wrists is much better. I can do down-facing dogs again. There's so much more power in my hands, I can even do side planks
on one hand for the first time in years" 
~ Diana - Almere

"My skin is perfect after one treatment and my physio said I've never seen someone progressing so fast"
~ Anne - Amsterdam 

"After having suffered hormonal migraines and other PMS complaints for the last 7 years or so, I came to Paul for help. He gave me some dietary tips (apple cider vinegar!), herbs and of course acupuncture. It took a while, but after a few treatments I got through a whole period whitout having any migraine. I didn’t think it was possible and I can still hardly believe it. Thank you Paul, you are not only a beautiful soul, but also a great healer!"
~ Marleen - Amsterdam

" I noticed that my pores are now super, super tiny, and my acne scars are healing ..it's incredible. I'm so happy with what my skin's doing now..I look so much better!
~ Armindah - Bonaire 

"Dear Paul, after having undergone two treatments I must say that I feel great. After the first treatment the pain in my neck and shoulder was gone. And after the second treatment even the pain in my arm had completely disappeared. For this reason I am really greatful for what you have done for me."
~ Silvana - India 

"I have good news. My shoulders are really much more better than before. I feel more open more light. Even in the yoga, I realized that I could do poses more effectively. Thank you so much for being there and treating me so well and helping me get rid of years and years long pain :)  
~ Hazel - Turkey

"Oh my God, after the last session I was so zen. Huge clarity in my mind it was glorious, no ringing in my ears. I want to feel like this for the rest of my life"
~ Gillian - Canada 

" Hi Paul, as you mentioned, I felt exhausted during the evening but today I feel great!  Shoulder and back are really loose and mobile! Thank you so much for that! " 
~ Adriana - Brazil 

"Paul treated my 3-years son for his low immune system and therefore constantly unable to breath through his nose and having trouble developing good talking skills. Therefore we received the advice to remove tonsils for the second time in 7 months. However after only 2 treatments the results were suprinsingly well. He is all better now for several weeks without any symptoms he had before!"
~ Caroline, mother of Nuno - Amsterdam

"There's been a vast improvement in my psoriasis, and my upper back and neck are a lot better"
~ Hans - Amsterdam

"Miracle worker! You got my colon working properly again, and I have so much more space in the front of my shoulder"
~ Elza - Sliedrecht 

"Last time you treated my baby for eczema, it took a little while, but almost nothing came back! ..it worked really well"
~  Daniella - Amsterdam (on behalf of her seven month old baby, Hendrick) 

"The hospital informed me that white blood cell values (acute myeloid leukemia) are better than they have ever been..  I'm feeling great!"
~ Sophie - Amsterdam 

"I'm going really good. More energy, less headaches, better sleep. Even my colleagues at work can see I have more energy. I started giving my son apple cider vinegar (w/ the mother) His Acne condition is clearing and less red"
~ Natasja - Mijdrecht

" It's a huge plus. I feel a lot, lot  better ..no tension in my breasts and stomach, not craving for bad food. I'm back where I used to be"
~ Karien - Amsterdam 

"I really want to thank you for all you have done for me and for being such a patient and wonderful person. You have worked real wonders for me, which didn’t show immediately but in the course of time it did! For instance, the swelling of the ankles and the discolouring of the toes are gone for 99%. A check-up in the hospital of the vessels, shortly after my last visit, didn’t show any real defects.. nothing had to be done"
~ Renee - Amsterdam

"This is the most peaceful place I've ever been to in Amsterdam.. you seem more asian and gentle than any of the asian doctors I've been treated by"
~ Jaewon - South Korea

''I normally get heavy cramps, feel depressed and easily get angry before and during my period ..now I feel so good ..so happy"
~ Tabita - Amsterdam

"You just can't imagine how long I've been suffering with pain in my leg and toes after my motorcycle accident. It's wonderful. I feel great"
~ Col. Dan Lee - Pennsylvania, USA

"I loved the cupping. I feel more energy and way mellower, utterly, utterly relaxed.. fantastic"
~ Janine - Haarlem

"I feel much better. I didn't need to take prednisone and antibiotics before my flight to the Middle East"
~ Setareh - Iran

"What a blessing.. I am so thrilled with the improvement in my foot. It is so much better, and I hardly feel any more pain at all, thank you so much for your wonderful healing"
~ Lya – New York

"You know how I was when I came here the first time! Now I feel great. I can dance, I can sing, I can ride my bike again after three and a half years..it's unbelievable. I'm so happy"
~ Freda - Amsterdam

''Haven't felt this good in many years.. no back pain!! unbelievable''
~ Brigitte - Amsterdam 

"After the session I slept for 18 hours. My hands and feet are warmer, I feel more vital.. my eyes are brighter and restful.. everybody could see the difference"
~ Manon - Amsterdam 

 "My heat symptoms almost dissapeared. I love the herbs.. energy is circulating again"
~ Alexandra - Rosmalen

"I feel fantastic"
~ Wies - Amsterdam

"Uterine bleeding, which I've had for over a year, has completely stopped after first treatment"
~ Suzanne - Amsterdam

"As soon as you did that point on my foot I felt cool right away. I noticed it all the way up in my head and face.. it's amazing! .. I feel much better and no longer need my thyroid medication.
~ Allard - Amsterdam

"I always respond very well to acupuncture. My shoulder and back pain has gone and I don't have pain running up my leg. I feel well and my energy has returned"
~ Meinoud - Amsterdam

"Oh my God, I was in so much pain, my hip was so inflamed I couldn't move or walk .. I definitely feel so much better"
~ Anjum - India

"I'm feeling 200% better! The electric acupuncture cleared away my kidney stones and my back pain has gone"
~ Patrick - Almere Stad

"I felt absolutely amazing" 
~ Vanessa - France

‘’Incredible! this acupuncturist does wonders!’’
~ Chris - France

"I didn't walk home, I floated, it was amazing.. no need for pain killers at all after the treatment"
~ Sophia - Greece

‘’Acupuncture worked like a charm! Hendrick was born naturally 8 hours after you acupunctured me on the 19th dec. Thank you sooo much"
~ Daniella - Amsterdam

 '' I felt terrific today after the first treatment''
~ Florian - Amsterdam

''I would like to thank you for your skills. I'm very grateful for the results I'm experiencing''
~ Ariann - Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel

"I haven't felt this awake in years ..really amazing"
~ Anna - UK

''I feel so good. I have so much renewed energy. I can do my yoga and all the things I couldn't do in a while, and my morning sickness has gone''
~ Vanessa - Utrecht

''Starting to feel way better Paul. Energy much better. No more hot flashes''
~ Rita - UK

''The shingles rash around my waste has almost completely vanished after one treatment. I have my energy back.. no pain. I feel healthy''
~ Leona - Czech Republic

''It feels like being in heaven in your own body''
~ Susan - Amsterdam

"I would like to thank you for your help and your magic healing hands and needles"
~ Francine - France

''The pulsing (electro acupuncture) on my painful shoulder really did the trick..I'm able to practice my yoga again''
~ Monique - Amsterdam

"I'm waiting all the week to come here.. the energy in this room is amazing, it's my island, so quiet and restful!"
~ Nirit - Israel

"I can't believe how relaxed my body feels.. body temperature is warmer, I slept very deeply. I feel at peace yet more energised than I have in 3 months. Miracle worker"
~ Ilena - UK

"You are a fantastic healer ..I am really happy that I found you"
~ Awet - Eritrea

''I feel so good ..I feel like a battery that's charging''
~ Krista - Haarlem

‘’Problem is solved after session 2, but would love to finish the treatment plan because it feels amazing!‘’
~ Saskia - Amsterdam

‘’It's going really well.. I don't think it's just the acupuncture but your energy too!‘’
~ Lena - Germany

"Thank you Paul, I feel great.. healthy and energised. The whites of my eyes are so white and full of light I keep looking in the mirror. I feel like Judith 2.0"
~ Judith - Amsterdam

‘’I feel so much better after your treatments’’
~ Marijke - The Hague

"I'm glad I found you.. even my colleagues at work see I have more energy, look more balanced and happier"
~ Anneleen - Amsterdam

"It felt like a massage on the inside.. like I was warm in a cocoon"
~ Laurien - Amsterdam

" After my fall your treatment was an enormous benefit before my operation"
~ Ada - Amsterdam

"..breathing has really opened up beyond my expectations. I'm feeling great"
~ Fadilah - Algeria

"This is your gift to the world"
~ Nancy - Amsterdam

"I don't know what you do but it's really special ..I feel totally relaxed and my heart is not beating hard any more"
~ Sophie - Amstelveen

"I can't believe the energy I feel!"
~ Canan - Turkey

"My dizzy feeling completely went in the two weeks since I came to you, and now I only have to get up to urinate once, not several times every night"
~ Joop - Amsterdam

"I can't believe I could feel so much change after one acupuncture session"
~ Jeroen - Vleuten

"feeling much better ..going from below zero to well above zero"
~ Jim - Egypt

"I feel so light, I could fly"
~ Pilar - Spain

"After my first treatment my chest feels more open, I can breathe easier"
~ Simon - Amsterdam

"Proudly attended 13 magical acupuncture sessions with Doc. Paul during my glorious 2 months stay in Europe. Am immensely grateful for his expertise and time.
He is one phenomenal healer"
~ Eydie - Hong Kong

"I feel reborn!"
~ Soeli - Morocco (Olympic Boxer)

"I can get addicted to acupuncture.. it feels so good" 
 ~ Roz - South Africa

"Your wonderful treatment really helped me. It's a truly unique experience. Thank you Paul"
~ Alexa - Utrecht

"I haven't been so happy in months! Period was spot on and didn't hurt that much! So Thanks"
~ Birte - Amsterdam

"I feel awesome"
~ Lillian - Amsterdam

".. my energy level is increasing really great" 
~ Joyce - Rotterdam

"You did wonders to my back .. it doesn't hurt anymore"  
~ Merel - Amsterdam

"I love it here. I'll definitely be back" ~ A.M. - Amsterdam

"Since my treatment my crippling lumbago pain has disappeared ..I walked very far around Amsterdam today"
~ Noria - Barcelona

"I've had a sleeping disorder for many years.. after my last session I hadn't slept so well since I was a child"
~ Henk - Bussum

"I can really recommend Ephrimvael. He works as a naturopath, specialised in traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure. I've had two treatments and both were very relaxing and uplifting. He's very knowledgeable and gives a lot of tips and advice about herbs, teas, diet etc. (next time I will bring a notebook). He's also very attentive, listens well and makes you feel comfortable. I've already had results after only two sessions: less problems with menstruation and less busy thoughts, a clearer head and sleeping very well since"
~ Marieke - Amsterdam

"I feel 10 years younger ..especially in my shoulders and back.. it was really a release!"
~ Hans - Amsterdam

"That's just what my body wanted"
~ Jeanette - Amsterdam

"I have so much energy after taking the herbs, my metabolism is faster and my stomach feels like it's working properly again. I feel awesome"
~ Emma - USA

"I feel completely changed, thanks"
~ Jose - Venezuela

"I feel reborn.. like a butterfly with new powder on my wings."
~ Lisette - Amsterdam

" ..after my healing I felt like I was in heaven ..completely relaxed and open ..wonderful. Most of the pain is gone from my shoulder, neck and arm. Something went open: my spirit got awake and I feel full of energy.. it is like I received a blessing and I am very grateful for that"
~ Olja - Croatia

"Paul cleared my awful headache after just a few minutes of foot massage.. I slept like a baby after the Shiatsu and felt fresh and energetic in the morning and for several days after"
~ Kay - Bangkok

"You give me a new life"
~ Rita - Amsterdam

"I was lying in bed with flu feeling and a frozen shoulder. Just two hours after acupressure and St. John’s Wort on my shoulder I was out with my friends!..amazing! Some days later I discovered my teenager spots had cleared up!"
~ Raphael - Amsterdam

"My knee is much better, I'm in great shape.. clear head"
~ Kiki - Amsterdam

"Thank you so much for our last session..the EFT did wonders for my self-esteem"
~ Anita - Amsterdam

"No more pain ..sleeping good now"
~ Magno – Brazil

"it's like paradise over there"
~ Nora - Amsterdam

"Paul is unique as a healer with his combination of vast knowledge and high skilfulness, attentive listening, absolute passion for healing and the deep respect he has for his clients. After our sessions I feel refreshed, with a sense of wellbeing pervading my body. I can highly recommend Paul as a therapist"
~ Femke - Haarlem

"..the cupping works like crazy, I feel great"
~ Monique - Amsterdam

"My shoulders were black and blue after cupping but I'm feeling much better. I'll be back soon for more"
~ Elizabeth - Amsterdam

"I feel super, super relaxed"
~ Wilma - Amsterdam


In 2010 Ephrimvael-Paul attracted the attention of republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin through his Twitter account http://twitter.com/ephrimvael Miss Palin commented on a successful remote angel healing of his friend who’s finger had healed rapidly after a nasty accident with a kitchen knife. From Power Twitter: sarahpalin4pres: to @Ephrimvael. "there's a lot of folks here that need a remote angelic healing. Thanks for the follow" 4:46 PM Aug 2nd from web in reply to Ephrimvael