In the mid 1970’s Ephrimvael left his hometown Wallasey, a ferry boat ride away from the port of Liverpool England, and headed high up into the Swiss mountains to immerse himself into the natural healing arts. He trained alongside highly skilled Naturopaths and Ayurvedic practitioners who were part of a research team reviving ancient Ayurvedic formulaes and modalities for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Subsequently, he honed his skills in Naturopathy, Hydrotherapy, Fasting, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Herbalism, Bach Flower Remedies and Metaphysics.

In 2008 Ephrimvael went to study under the direct tutelage of Countess Almine in Oregon, USA. Almine is widely acknowledged as one of the most profound mystics/healers of our time. During his training he developed his skills in Belvaspata Angel Healing and Alchemy and initiated many of Almine’s students in Belvaspata during workshops at her Hogwarts-style home.

After a profound experience (participation mystique) while sitting in a hollow in the roots of a giant moss covered Maple tree in a coastal woodland in Oregon, Ephrimvael heard the words "Green Alchemy" whispered by the tree’s spirit. It was a calling to start a holistic healing practice. He made a contract to join forces with the tree, whom he now calls ‘Treebeard’

In the beginning of 2011, after intense study and becoming a grade ‘A’ licensed practitioner in Acupressure/Pressure Point Therapy and Bach Flower Remedies, Ephrimvael launched ‘Green Alchemy’

(Ephrimvael, CFEP, CAP, is currently attending Shenzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture)